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Related post: Date: Fri, 17 30 cm penis May 2002 17:10:36 EDT From: Subject: The Parker Brothers Go to San Antonio 05 by Justin Davis (t/t,oral, anal, incest)The following story contains graphic scenes of sex between young males and young sibling males. If such subject matter offends you then you anal adventures mp3 should not read 5generic cialis softtabs the story.This story is entirely a work of fiction and any resemblance to any persons, living or dead, or events, is purely coincidental.The author retains all copyrights to this story and no publication is authorized, with the exception of the web sites to which this story has been posted, without consent of the author.Positive and constructive comments are always welcome and you may e-mail them to The Parker Brothers Go to San Antonio By Justin DavisChapter Five By noon of the porn wars 2 next nude for 14 age day, the Parker Clan, along with Robert and Arlo in tow, were smack dab in the middle of Crack Axle Canyon in San Antonio's Fiesta Texas theme park."Anyone want to ride the Road Runner Express with me?" Mark asked, as the group neared the ride."Yeah, I will!" John replied."Sure!" Luke responded."Count us in!" the boy's cousin Robert said, referring to he and Arlo."What about you, porn under 16 Matt?" John asked."Nope!" Matthew responded."Aw, come 6 girl group sex on!" Mark pleaded."No way!" Matthew said, 5 elastic rubber tiedowns shaking his head."Hey, it's one of the tamest of the coasters here," Robert offered."I don't 6 beers gay like coasters!" Matthew replied."You get to go through a bunch of tunnels and stuff and there are cartoon characters," Robert 1280p porn free said, 90 porn famous girls trying to get Matthew to change his mind."Nope!" Matthew replied."It's okay. You boys go on. We'll take Matt to get some ice cream or something," the 39 inch ass boy's dad said, referring to him and his wife Dorothy.So the boys got in line for the Road Runner ride while Matthew went with his mom and dad ."Coaster cum?" Luke looked at his brother and asked, as they boys stood in line."Why not?" Mark responded, and immediately started rubbing his penis through the fabric of his shorts.All of the Parker brothers had porn for ps3 been to theme parks before, although they hadn't been to this one, and one of the little bits of fun Luke had come up with a couple of years earlier was what he called "the coaster cum."Since coaster rides usually only last a 14 y.o. pussy little over a minute or two, if you were going to do a "coaster cum", you had to start working up a boner just before you got on and while the cars were loading with passengers. Also, you needed to be in the last car so that you couldn't be seen very well. Then too, sometimes you had to ride the coaster twice, because the trick was to get yourself off at the same time you were plunging videos 11yo 12yo girls down the last of the steep drops. Better yet, if the coaster went through several tunnels, and this one did, then you could quickly pull down the front of your shorts and shoot your load without getting the inside of your shorts soaked.Fortunately, the boys didn't have to wait in line 40 s pinup costume very long and John took the next to last seat in the last car, with Robert and Arlo, and Luke and Mark were able to take the last seat for themselves.As the last passengers were being loaded and the safety bars locked, both Luke and Mark, hands inside their shorts, were already beginning to wank their cocks. So, by the time the coaster began its journey they were well on their way toward their orgasms."Betcha we can by the last tunnel!" Luke said loudly over the clacking, as the cars began their climb up the first steep hill."You're on!" Mark replied, wanking even faster.It wasn't long before the cars plunged down the first drop, and of course, there were the usual screams, including 1 cumshots those from Luke and Mark who both frantically wanked their pricks under the confines of anal adventures 2 their shorts.Then it was down into the first tunnel; the 13yo girl pic coaster twisting and turning as it went. Then it was rapidly up the next hill and a more rapid plunge downward. For fifty seconds or so the cars twisted and roared around the tracks, until they approached the last big hill before the last tunnel."I am gonna make it!" pregnant amateur 01 Luke hollered to his maxwells-angels 12 brother, wanking his cock 12yo sex boy even faster, and prompting his older brother Mark to do the same, while the coaster made its last 14yr porn forum big climb before plunging into the last tunnel.Down the coaster plunged tgp 12-16 girls pics into the last tunnel, jilbab sex indonesian 3gp and down came the front of the boy's shorts as the coaster entered it."Ahhhhhh! Eiiiiiiii!" The 1968 playmate boys screamed, along with everyone else.However, Mark and Luke were hollering for a different reason, as their pricks shot cum pellets all over 14yo pic the my first porn 4 back of the seat in front of them and all over the floor of the car 14 inch dildos in which they rode.Once the cars japan 15 yo naked came 16 y.o. girl sex to a stop, both boys hastily made their exit, not boy age 13 nude wanting to be around when the seat's next occupants were greeted with their seminal deposits."Jeez that was cool ride!" Arlo exclaimed, once the boys addidas 3 strip roadstr had all gotten back together."Yeah, real cool!" Luke replied, prompting Mark to giggle."Oh no! You 18 and busty anita didn't!" John exclaimed."Yep!" Luke responded, nodding his head yes."Jeez!" John said, and rolled his eyes."Did what?" The boy's 3liter bottle insertion cousin asked."A coaster cum," John responded."A coaster what?" Arlo asked."A coaster cum," John responded, emphasizing the sex 12yo jpg word cum.Arlo blinked and looked puzzled for a second."Oh!" Arlo said, finally catching on.Later that afternoon, after the boys had ridden all the 360 games wit pornography rides they 3yo fuck wanted to ride, eaten all barely 18 vids the hot 420 gay san francisco escort solo s2 lithium dogs and candy they facial asymmetry icd-9 wanted to eat, and drunk all the soda they wanted to drink, it was 14 yr girls naked a tired, but happy group, they loaded themselves 1930 female dancers into the Dodge van for the trip back to Aunt Irma's.That evening, all the boys spent 17yo blow job hours in front of the computer, as their cousin Robert, and his friend Arlo, showed them how to look up porn. Needless to say, by the 15yo free pix time everyone had 940 free nude celebs showered and cleaned up for bed, the room full of boys was sufficiently horny enough that something sexual was bound 26 adult trike desoto to happen."Anyone want to wank?" Mark said softly, after they had all bedded down and the lights had been turned off."Yeah, I do," Luke nonude 15 responded."Me too," John said."Oh yeah," Arlo replied."I wanna," Matthew peeped."Sounds good to me," Robert chimed in."Alright, this is what we do. When I say go everyone start jerking. First guy to cum wins," Mark said.All the boys voiced agreement with Mark's idea of the contest."Alright, go!" Mark 16 military wives music said.The room soon became filled with the soft whapping sounds of hard teen boners be jacked."Mmmm!" Arlo moaned softly."Oh yeah!" Robert exclaimed in a hushed voice."I am almost 55 gallon drum skirt there!" Luke whispered."Oh w580i shit I am gonna do it!" Arlo said."Me too!" Robert said almost desperately."Ahhh! 9-15 cumshots Robert exclaimed, as 87 street latinas he went over the top."Unngh!" Arlo moaned, as he reached his peek.Immediately, Mark who had creeped over to the desk lamp cut it on.As the light flooded the room, the Parker brothers were greeted with the sight of Robert and his friend Arlo squirting their loads all over their stomachs.Naturally, they were startled, and naturally the brothers began to convulse in giggles 1968 ok beauty pageant and snickers at Robert bnc female rg-179 and Arlo."Ha ha! Very funny!" Robert replied his right hand covered with cum."You guys sure looked surprised," Mark said, then continued to snicker and giggle along with the rest of his brothers.Robert and Arlo began to 82-92 twin turbo clean themselves up with their 15yr nuda discarded tee shirts and didn't seem very happy about the practical joke the brothers had played on cathy comic strip 1946-1963 them."Hey, 911 porn we just do that to guys we like," John said to the two."How about a little game of "Draw 6 wide organza lace and Suck?" Mark asked, changing the subject."What's that?" His cousin Robert asked."Well, everyone draws a card from a deck of cards and the low guy is out. Then, we draw again, and download sex hentai 3gp 14yo fucking the low guy and the other low guy sleep together tonight." Mark explained.Robert and Arlo looked at 6m amateur band petite soeur mp3 each other."Uh, I don't know!" Robert said, 14 yo pussy sex having just been a victim already of the brother's pranks."Aw come on," Luke 2 flat brass punch urged, "You'll like it."Mark went over to his carry bag and pulled out a deck of cards, took the out of the box, shuffled them, and then fanned them out."Alright, so there's no hard feelings, Robert and Arlo go first!" Mark said. "You girls under 16 naked can't show your card until everyone has drawn one," Mark added.Robert drew 38 hh boobs a card, then Arlo, then each of the brothers in turn, until Mark was the last to draw his."Okay, everyone show your naked 13 y.o. girls card!" Mark said.All the boys flipped 565 cummins isx mpg over their cards so that everyone could see."Damn!" Luke exclaimed, since his Two of Hearts was the lowest."Oh wow!" Robert said, since his Three of Diamonds was the next lowest."Well, looks strapon 4 free like you and Robert sleep together Luke," Mark said.The four boys that were left in the game drew again 16 age free porno and this time it was Arlo and Matthew who ben10 xxx were paired up. Of course, that left Mark and John as partners."Okay, 16 old girls naked now we 1960 vanity fair panties draw to see who gets to be the leader," Mark then said."Leader?" Arlo asked."Yeah, the guy with the high card gets to tell everyone booty talk 24 when they have to change partners," Mark amateur radio apco 25 replied."I have an idea!" Arlo blurted out, causing all the boys PO5N HORSE to turn and look at him."Uh, if it's okay," he added, in a much 14yr sesso more subdued tone."Well?" Mark exclaimed, due to Arlo's hesitation."Well, I was just thinking. Uh, well, Robert's bed is big enough that we can all fit in it. Why don't we just all get in it, cut out the lights, and see what happens?"The brothers looked at each other then back bare naked laides mp3 at Arlo."Okay with me," Mark responded, his other brothers nodding their heads in agreement."I'll get the light. You guys get in the bed," Mark said, 3g porn walking over to the desk lamp.The other five boys scrambled pre 14yr into the bed, then Mark cut out the desk lamp, and except 2 cum blowjob slutload for a slight glow from the window, the room was again completely dark, as Mark carefully felt his way to the bed and slithered in among HORS4 PORN SEX TUBE the pile of naked boy flesh.What followed, until the wee 2010 female pop singers hours of the morning, would have been a porno producer's dream come true, had the whole episode been on pornstar academy 6 video for all to see. Although 14kt gold thumb rings illegal it would most certainly have been, it would have sold a million copies.Viewers would have witnessed Arlo, for the first time in his young life, groping desperately for a cock to guestbook webcam 12yo suck as if he had been doing if forever. They would have witnessed Robert desperately trying to stick his tongue as far brand nubian momma mp3 as he could in little Matthew's nud petit under 18 ass, free pussy under 14 at the same this was being done to him by Mark.Then, they would have witnessed each of the brothers, in turn, maneuver themselves over Robert and Arlo, and give both of them their first taste of what a warm ass feels like when your dick is inside.Yet, there was no one to witness the naked pile of boy-flesh as it writhed and squirmed upon ls land issue32 the bed, devouring itself in the 24volt flashing light lust of youth and permeating ff8 porn the bedroom sex video 3gp with the odor of boy-sweat and sex.Finally, by three the next 13 yo girls nude morning, and nude boys 10 after everyone was so exhausted 5guys porn videos they couldn't suck another cock or cum one more time, all of the boys drifted off to sleep. Not the least Arlo, who fell asleep with John's cock in his mouth, nursing it like a hungry colt, hoping for 3min blowjob just one more meal.To be continued................
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